Screenshot_20191014-152822Theres is a force inside of all women that is unleashed  whenever the moon is full.
I´d like to remind myself of that by wearing this neclace every full moon, as I feel it symbolises just that.  -The raw, unfiltered  and wild woman…. IT IS FROM HER we harness our power, wisdom and divine femininity.  When the moon is full and our control systems are softened, she will emerge and force us to connect with her through vivid dreams, heightened senses and intuition. If we as women are aware of this and choose to embrace it and surrender, full moons can be a time of true magic.
History speaks of many cultures around the world, where women would gather on a full moon, to hold a space for slowing down,  deepen, nurture, honouring their moon cycles and to escape the business “outside”.
This was considered sacred.
These circles and gatherings are still happening and I’ve been fortunate to host and guest quite a few. But the majority of women today are not honouring this side of themselves. Probably because it isn’t “productive” in society’s standards. -Especially when you feel like an emotional rollercoaster or you can’t sleep during full moon .
But what if we are supposed to tap into  those intense emotions? And what if we aren’t supposed to sleep, but instead stay awake, be open and receptive for new ideas, visions. Clearing old patterns and healing ourselves?
Just being.
It’s called moon cycle for a reason. If we are aligned and not on any birth control, our cycle is connected to the moon phases. And our entire being will therefor be ruled by hormones, energy pulls and water balance, all at the same time. So whenever we FEEL that full moon it’s our bodies reacting perfectly normal.
Whenever we are affected by the moon we are not “Moon sick”. We are moon wild.
Sister, I dare you to go with it..
Happy fullmoon.