My name is Maya.

I am a deeply empathic intuitive who facilitates yoga and circle events, classes, workshops and private therapy sessions.
I am an artist by heart and soul.
Whether it be channelled through illustrations, dance, music or yoga.
Yoga and meditation has healed my broken and curved spine, and it brought me back to life after post pardum depression and anxiety.
It balances my entire body, so I never have to worry about weight issues, sleep disorders or hormonal imbalances ect.
It fuels me, and though my 39 years it has healed me, helped me grow and create the life that I love.
– And I am here to show you how it is done.
To assist you in the process of rediscovering your own magic, to help you come home to yourself and your body and to peacefully root within and be present in the now.
It’s is absolutely possible for everyone.
And because of my own experiences I feel very passionate about this.

I a mother of two and a soon to be wife of a loving man.
I share my art and yoga/dance practice with my family as I feel strongly about creating a world where the children of today has a strong sense of self love, inner strength and balance,  and is connected to their soul and body, to earth and to nature.
Because a strong self love and rooting is freedom to be who you are. And the world needs that.

My illustrations have always served me as a channel for my intuitive nature. It is meditation for me. I draw what I dream and see. And when holding space for others in therapy sometimes a channeled drawing is the best method to understand the process and the healing.

I have a past as a graphics art teacher and working within the media world as a visual effects artist.
After years travelling the world and working hard I was ready to devote myself to my true calling; the soul, body, yoga, art  – fulltime.

I primarily teach yoga, a combination of my 15 years of experience within the field,  and a deeply intuitive healing approach to what my clients need.
I have studied hatha, vinyasa, kundalini, Mediyoga and prenatal yoga and find that I rarely stick with one yoga genre. I pick the best of all worlds, and create classes that are deep and transformative for the body and the soul.

As a therapist I work with healing, gentle hypnosis,  accessbars, clairvoyance and yoga techniques. Always tuning in on what you need in that very moment.

I am here to serve, support and inspire.

Love from Maya