,,My name is Maya.

I am a healer, a soul guide, a herbalist, artist and voice alchemist, who works with with the purpose of supporting feminine embodiment and empowerment. 
I offer my channelings in the form of events, writings, herbal elixirs, sound recordings, or transcendal artwork.

Being deeply connected to Mother earth, I will bring cyclic wisdom and sacred sexuality into everything that I do.
If  you´ve ever been on a retreat or workshop with me you´ll know that this is something I am passionate about. I feel strongly about the flow of nature and the ways we can tap into the gifts of the YONIniverse through it. 

I am a mother of two children, a wife of a loving husband, a priestess, a muse and a divine feminine devotee.
I share my life art practice with my family as I feel strongly about creating a world where the children of today has a strong sense of self love, inner strength and balance,  and is connected to their soul and body, to earth and to nature.
Because a strong self love and rooting is freedom to be who you are. And I believe the world needs that, now more than ever.

As a facilitator and spaceholder, I offer tools for expansion, authenticity and healing, – working with Sound/voice healing, breathwork, yoga, somatic movement, wombwork/cyclic wisdom, shamanic drum journeys, healing, mediumship, rituals and plant medicine. Serving as a support towards empowerment, I am here to assist in the process of rediscovering inner magic, to peacefully root within, and connecting with the deepest womb wisdom, intuition and power within, – to live a life in pleasure and love.
It’s is absolutely possible for everyone. 

I am here to love, serve, support and inspire.

Love from Maya