An annual embodiment journey & experience

Are you ready to step into all that you are?

To remember your power, your love and lushness?

To upgrade so you can live your life to the fullest?
Then this my dear, is for you.


Darling womban.

I`ve created something for you.
A gathering where all of you is welcome. A one day sacred circle retreat.
A safe space for you to step into your fullest self, to connect to your deepest power.
Something is happening right now with the feminine in all of us.
Some of you might feel it as an urge, a stirring deep within, an uncertainty, soreness,  maybe it’s a rage building up or a longing for MORE. 
However it may show up for you, it is a CALLING.
A calling for more of YOU.

We are being called to step into embodiment. Now more than ever.
To treat these vessels of ours as sacred.
To call ourselves home.  To become who we were meant to be here in this incarnation.
It is time to stop playing small, everything we need, already lies within.
It is time to remember who we are.
Time to connect deeply with our bodies, to the earth and the sacred cycle of nature that we dance with, to the alchemy we create when we are rooted in ourselves.
It is time to reclaim our sensuality, to remember that THIS is the very power that creates life. And there’s nothing more powerful than that.

And womban I hear you. I see you. And I welcome you into a full day of feminine rewilding, embodiment and homecoming of your truest self.
A one day retreat where we will journey together deep into self love through transcending shamanic drum journey, wombwork and sacred cyclic wisdom, meditative breathwork, rituals, somatic dance/yoga, plant wisdom, and sharings.

A Sacred ceremony providing deep healing, soul activation, awakening and embodiment of your wild feminine.

Sister I see you,

so come and bring all of you, be held, be free.

Your sisters are waiting. Your soul is waiting.


Are you ready?    – Yes you are. 


Love from Maya